Hello, Winelover! 

We ra happy to welcome you at our website and introduce you to our wines! We are a family business located in San Juan de Alicante in sunny Spain! We work together since 2012 and strive to build our business as an honest and high-quality company with the product that can fulfill your demand.

Our main focus is WINE and wine products but also we produce and export beer, olive oil and canned FOOD etc. 

My name is Shukhrat Khakimov and I am a founder, CEO and winemaker in one person. I am always open for communication, possible partnership and cooperation. So you can text below and I will reply as soon as possible.

Please follow to our Project Page and look through the interesting wine projects that we produce and promote. Our wine cards have all the  information that you have to know about the wine. Yet again, if you want to learn more - just let us know through the communication box in the bottom of the page! 

We update the catalog everyday and add more and more interesting positions. Also here in the blog we will share useful information about our projects. 

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It's me! SK
It's me! SK