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The Legend states that Francisco Vega known as Hombre Pez (FisherMan) disappeared when left fishing in 1674 and was found only in 1679 and placed to the convent San Fco. Where he always was barefoot and ate once in 3-4 days saying only three words: Tabacco, Bread and Wine.

The history of the winery dates back to 1935.  80 years of history and effort have made Cuatro Rayas the reference in Spanish white wines. Today, Cuatro Rayas produces nearly 20% of the wine which is bottled in DO Rueda, becoming the largest producer with an annual production level of 15 million bottles. The more than 2,150 hectares of the winery Cuatro Rayas are meticulously controlled by the technical department throughout its growth cycle, in order to obtain the highest quality at the time of harvest.
Currently, Bodega Cuatro Rayas has an oenology department with three outstanding individuals who each love making wine, who belong to three different generations and who exemplify the utmost collaboration among professionals.