Celler Can Leandro was founded at the beginning of 2013 when Gabriel and Alberto unfied their efforts and dedication by using their traditional family business, the selling of bulk wines, to launch a new rejuvenating project with passionate optimism. Our mission is to make and sell wines that revindicate the identity of the land (terroir), the characteristic of local varieties and the personality of the winemarker.

At Can Leandro we are very aware that the grape is a fundamental part of our project. That´s why, besides exhaustive control, dedication and care, we are obsessed with the recuparetion of old vineyards of old local grapes ( Monastrell, Meserguera and in particular Bonicaire). The vineyards that we look for provide, on the one hand, undisputable quality, and other, conservation of the countryside and territory, perpetuating the social and cultural tradition of our land, viticulture.

Undoubtedly the wine taste depends on the quality of the wine variety, for this reason we are at the Forefront on the agriculture and oenology new techniques, contributing subtly in our doing and respecting to the maximun our identity in terms of ecology and environment. In summary, within the panoama of Spanish wines, Celler Can Leandro endeavours to make wines with a modern profile witch are firmly rooted in tradition and have their own idently which makes them immediately recognisable. We don´t focus on ephemeral trends, we look for enthusiastic people with the desire to contribute and decide the perfect moment to share a detail, an illusion, a trip, a meal... in order to create a link adapted to our times

March 2022

2022 seems to be a strange year. We hope it will be the year when things get back on track: the pandemic is over, we are back to traveling and attending events, trade fairs and hopefully we will soon see the end of a senseless war.

It has been a quiet but unusually dry winter. We did the pruning, we kept our genetic material by choosing the vine shoots for the new plantations, we added organic fertilizer to the soil to maintain a good balance of the plant for its efficient growth and grape production, and then a superficial tillage to maintain the humidity and have the soil uncovered for the rainy season that has come in abundance in this month of March.

At the same time, work continues in the winery for the 2021 vintage, taking care and pampering the wines.  Following the tradition, we rack in the waning moon of January to clean the new wines and preserve their fresh and clean aromas.


New Vintages

New vintages and renewed 4 months presentation

La Vella 2021 and Alt de Les Flors 2019 are now available. The new 2020 vintage of our wine Essencials 4 meses has brought a new presentation that is very much appreciated and is better integrated in our family of wines. What do you think?


They talk about us...

On the 3rd of March we came across this post on instagram by Luis Gutierrez, the head of Spanish wines for Robert Parker Wine Advocate. You already know that we are not very fond of medals and scores but we have to recognise that the reach of certain critics and social networks is very important and we were surprised by the number of people who contacted us after the publication.